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  • @Braden-Hallett
    I agree with that perspective. It is really important to celebrate and share who you are with potential clients!
    Perhaps it is the distinction of ‘used to be’ (as in your case, used to be a teacher) vs ‘am’ (I am an architect) that I’m reacting to. And, architecture IS related bc of drawing skills/professionalism/work ethic etc etc.

    Perhaps something like ‘I’m a trained architect, and I bring my love for architecture, my training etc to my illustrations’.

    Maybe I’m just being overly pedantic. It’s hard for me to tell 😂

  • @KayPotter I never thought of this till now, but like @Braden-Hallett said I would love a mention of my background in Architecture since I believe those skills show that I can bring something different to the plate. But your point does make sense, I have reworked around with the words there, to not make it too direct.

  • I love how great your work looks on your portfolio. It really shows your style off well. One comment is on the books page, could the two books be separate? It looks a bit like one book sometimes. I just noticed that one of the books you have worked on has won an award too 🙂

    I think you have managed to get a very good balance with your about me page. I have the same thing going on with my about page - I have been a graphic designer for nearly 20 years, it's tricky combining the two descriptions.

  • love the mouse gif 🙂 your portfolio is very colourful. I like that!

  • One thing I would do is to move coinciding images next to each other like the pea-pod hotel and the mattress stack should go together I would think.

  • @lizardillo Thank you so much Liza ❤️ Reason I have added those two books to one slot is because they are baby board books part of the learning series by that publisher. I wish to add my picture books separately but keep this series together in one slot.

    Also, graphic design skill is such a handy skill to have if you are an illustrator, many pro illustrators who are graphic designers do put it in there bio.

  • @Asyas_illos will do that 🙂 thank you

  • Congratulations on the website launch. I have some thoughts on the about page:

    • I share a similar concern KayPotter have mentioned. Without meaning to, your first two sentences can be interpreted as a negative. “…a background in architecture. My true passion lies…” can be read as dismissive towards your past experience. Can the second sentence be rephrased as there being a union of two disciplines?
    • While I understand your confessed passion for “making lists” is an act to humanize yourself, it’s irrelevant and cuts the flow of the conversation. You’ve mentioned your other quirks at the end of the bio, so I would recommend omitting the statement.
    • The adjective “heavily” isn’t necessary; its inclusion doesn’t change the statement.
    • The comma after ‘books’ should be replaced with a period.
    • 'Movies' and 'books' could be replaced with the appropriate terms ‘cinema’ and ‘literature’. You're influenced by the art form, not the object. However, I will concede it may alter your statement to sound unauthentic.
    • Try to avoid repetition of a word in a paragraph; this includes similar sounding words (illustrator/illustrating/illustration). You could reinforce your architecture background with playful use of words like construct, layout, draft, build, etc.
    • ‘…illustrations that have a narrative essence which people want to revisit’ is a confusing statement. Does anyone else have issue with this sentence?
    • '.. and collecting some trinkets (a lot!)' is an oxymoron.
    • The photo background is distracting. The image should be about you.

    I like how your bio is informal and the way you present yourself. Don't lose that.

  • @willicreate This is really helpful, thank you!

  • Beautiful Work 🙂

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