April: Fairy Tale Inn

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    Such an exciting topic for April! Started sketching the fairy tale Inn for Ham Piper and decided to combine hamster home + daisies + multi floor Inn. Feeling it’s on the busy side but perhaps it will work out once color is added. Feedback always welcome. 🙂

  • @Fay This is a really cute idea! If you want to cut down on the "busy" feeling, I think you could replace some of the rooms with connecting tunnels. For excample, instead of 5 rows across, you could have room-tunnel-room-tunnel-room.

  • I love this. How do the hamsters get up the the upper floors in the tube? Could they have a rope ladder or winch or a little hamster elevator?

  • Love it! I wanna see an elevator that's powered by a hamster-wheel driven by a hamster attendant in a little hamster suit!

  • Yes an elevator was in mind while drawing the Inn and the idea for hamster wheel operated elevator sounds fascinating!

    While drawing the tubes I tried to keep in mind how a hamster would travel through them. The tubes are designed with protruding step grooves for hamsters to grip but the longer vertical ones would require a type of lift since they will have a hard time climbing straight up and Inn’s are meant to be relaxing. My next step is perspective fixes.

  • So far this is the point where I left off with the Daisy Top Inn. It’s ready to move into values then color. Unfortunately I won’t have the time to finish before the contest deadline but will continue it until it’s a done piece and add some background elements!

  • Gorgeous! Can't wait to see it completed.

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