Digital Pencil technique with Krita and G'MIC

  • Hi everyone, I just wondered if anyone would be interested in this technique I've been experimenting with using an open source framework for image processing called G'MIC and my painting software of choice (which is also open source and free) Krita. G'MIC is also available for other programs including Affinity Photo and Photoshop, so it is very accessible to everyone.

    This method I discovered helps make some really lovely textural bases for Illustration work. I wrote about it on my blog here: [Digital Pencil Drawing using Krita and G'MIC](

    I've done quite a few pictures now using this method. You can use 3D models, photography, digital painting in the process- whatever you want. Essentially you still need drawing skills but the G'MIC bit really helps create the hand made pencil texture base which I've always found is difficult to achieve with digital alone.
    Here are some more examples I've done:


    Pencilversionkritasquirrelweb.jpg waterturtlestudy2web.jpg

    christine-garner-0020.jpg christine-garner-0052.jpg christine-garner-0104.jpg
    I made some hand made pencil, charcoal and pastel textures and I've been contributing them to G'MIC so that everyone will have access to this technique for free.

  • Thank you for sharing this and I like the results. I have been down this road a little bit trying to match the mechanics and results of Conte 1710 B and smooth newsprint, ala traditional atelier life drawing, with digital tools. My goal is to get a real time traditional output from the stylus to screen, but I had to pause on developing the brush settings and texture files. I haven't tried any of the software tools you listed, but I have been working with Clip Studio Paint. I quickly gave up on Photoshop once I saw the limitations of configuration for brush settings compared to Clip.

    I will definitely take a closer look at your methods and those tool brushes. They look interesting.

  • Cool thanks for your feedback! ☺
    I have Clip Studio Paint as well, it is a fantastic program and it is pretty cool that Photoshop brushes can be imported into it in the latest version now as well. I'll try to see if I can do the technique using Clip as well at some point. I'm sure it could be done.

    I don't think there is a G'MIC plugin for it yet, but if you want to try that Krita comes with G'MIC installed in it or you can use it in other supported software's if it has a plugin for them and then import your pictures into Clip Paint Studio for the drawing bit.

    Key is having good grain textures for the transparency mask and nice paper textures, it doesn't matter about using Krita, but I do like it.
    You can use your own pencil shading gradient textures with the GMIC method as well of course, but I'll buy a Conte pencil and make one at some point.

    I think this technique could work in most software with similar brushes, although I will say that Ramon Miranda's free charcoal brush set (which I've linked to in the article) for Krita is amazing, and my favorite brush for the pencil drawing is from an artist called David Revoy (his free brushes are also linked to in the article).

  • I bought me some Conte, carbon pencils, newsprint and bristol board paper and made some more texture tests.

    I think these look promising, I'll be making a texture pack available soon for anyone who wants to try this technique with G'MIC out to create nice textured bases for Illustrations.

    Also making watercolour ones.

    2d063fb61921750b.jpg aaf4773f9e94519d.jpg

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