What does a Graphic Novel submission package look like and how long does it take you to create?

  • For those of you who have submitted Graphic Novel to publishers before (either with or without an agent), what does your submission package look like?

    Is it a syllabus + a few sample pages, or a complete script + a few sample pages, or a pencil draft of the whole book with texts printed on every page?

    Can you also share some information on how long does each process takes, from idea to submit, and the time it takes for the editors and you to revise and finish the whole book?

    Thank you!

  • I have never submitted so I have no personal experience but when I was curious about the same questions I found this blog post by Jim Zub helpful:

  • Thanks much! That's super helpful!

  • Maria Vicente had a great webinar about this, I am not sure if it is being offered again but it would be worth looking into.

    I've just started querying last week, but my pitch packet is:
    cover page/splash image
    elevator pitch
    character list
    full synopsis that is all of the "what happens" including the ending
    50+ pages of script broken down into panel by panel (I have 63 just to have a good stopping point)
    10+ completely finished sample pages, even if you are hoping to not have to do the letters/etc I was told "just do your best" for this purpose.
    (optional? character sheets) instead of having this I put in extra character images through my script like I saw on the webinar, I really liked that approach to it.
    Finally squish all this down into a pdf under 2mb lol, ouch my quality!
    here's some examples from mine too-
    Hope that helps. I'm for sure not an expert, I just love comics and wanna draw them a lot. Bouteneff01low.jpg
    Aislinsinglelow.jpg Bouteneff10low.jpg

  • @HeatherBouteneff This is awesome! Your book looks really fun. Your submission package is huge compared to picture books. It must take lots of effort to prepare and get everything such as the scripts right.

    Thank you and best of luck with your query! 🤞🏻 🤗

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