March Contest WIP Sketches

  • This is an awesome challenge because I was just in the middle of world-building for a fantasy Halloween based comic/graphic novel project I wanted to start. I feel like my ideas would tie into this challenge well 🙂

    This is my main character, Ember. She's a potion maker by trade, and wears special gloves that are designed to help her use the element of fire whenever she needs it. She's not much of a fighter, and can be kind of a scaredy-cat (pun intended). However, she's smart, witty, and is ready to tackle the challenges that lie ahead of her (even if she's initially shaking in her boots).

    Thanks for taking a look at these early concept sketches, and if you have any suggestions, comments or critique, I would be happy to hear it 😃 I'll be updating this post as I go through the designing phase, and put together the final sheet.


  • Ooh I like the witchy cat vibe!

  • Alright, here is an inked and colored design. Just the front view, but it's a start! I am still open to new ideas, suggestions, and critique of course though 😃

    I have a feeling I'm going to have a a harder time drawing this character in other poses though.


  • Here is an update on this character sheet. I'm working on the last two poses now. Critique and advice is always welcome! 😃


  • She's cute! And I like the idea of the black cat as a witch-like character. Maybe check her position in the 3/4 front view - it looks like she's leaning back a bit.

  • @ruth Thank you! 🙂

    I wanted her posture to be supportive of her being scared; kind of like a "What is that!?" kind of moment. I will see if I can adjust it though. Thanks so much for the feedback! 😃

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