March Contest Rough Sketch

  • Hi, this is my first time posting and working with the monthly prompts. For this prompt, I wanted to design a young female faun. At this stage I’m simply wondering if the front and back view “track” well, while also wondering if there’s any major design feedback I need to hear. If something is broken, I want to fix it now before getting too far!

    I don’t think her personality shines a lot in these images, so I’ll really emphasize that aspect on her other poses. She’ll also have a pack animal companion, so don’t worry too much about her lack of luggage. Thank you for your time 😊


  • @Elizabeth-Erazo Hi Elizabeth!

    Very cute! This looks like a good start.

    She seems to be a bit unbalanced and leans to the right side of the image (mainly the front view). An easy trick to spot this is by mirroring/flipping your image while working. Getting more nit-picky, it looks like there are a few things that are just shy of lining up--such as the angle of her shoulders and the position of her hands. I would check out @carlianne 's video on drawing character turn-arounds: she just started a YouTube channel and has some very helpful tips!

    Keep up the good work!

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