Hello from the Netherlands.

  • Hi. It might be a bit rude, but I have been commenting a bit on the forums without introducing myself. So to remedy that; here I am!

    While I have had an on-off relationship with ‘art’ since I was around nine I am trying to mindfully improve for the last two years. The Three Point Perspective podcast has been a motivator for this as the topic of artistic growth and learning has been touched upon in a number of episodes. Speaking of which, I’m not up-to-date yet as I mostly listen to the podcast during downtime around the house, which is something that comes and goes since I have a young family and fulltime job to keep me occupied.
    A friend talked me into signing up for the SVS curriculum which we’ll do as soon as he gets his new house up and running. I understand that it’s main focus is on illustrating children books’ however I hope to learn a thing or two I can use in my own projects. While I really enjoy drawing, well, basically everything I hope to finish a comic one day, illustrate an article and create at least one lifelike portrait in oil. I enjoy reading fiction, historical non-fiction, comics, strips, long distance running, classical masters in oil, beer, wine, cooking and seem to have an eclectic taste in music*.

    As you might notice from this post English is not my first language and I might have trouble expressing my thoughts correctly through this language barrier. On top of that dutch culture is very direct, bordering on blunt sometimes. So if one of my posts or critiques comes over as brusque or abrasive it 99,5% of the time won’t be ment that way and I would like to apologise in advance.

    So hi!

    *Going as far as enjoying Spanish, French, German and dutch rapmusic apparently. And if someone knows of good rappers in bahasa Indonesia, please let me know.

  • @Niels Welcome!!!

  • @Niels hello! Welcome ☺

  • SVS OG

    @Niels hello! Welcome to the forum

  • @Niels Welcome Niel

  • @Niels Hoi Niels, welkom bij het forum! I can really recomment the SVSLearn courses, they are also useful if you want to do other things than drawing children books.

  • @Niels Hello! Nice to meet you. Welcome to the forums 😃

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