Jake Parker and Todd Mcfarlane brothers?

  • Okay, so they aren't brothers and this might be a waste of time for some of you and if so I apologize for that but they look very similar don't they?! I learned about Jake Parker after joining SVS back in November '20 and immediately thought the resemblance was uncanny (I grew up in the power age of Image comics) but I had no one to tell who would care.

    It seems this facial structure could be a key ingredient in the recipe for artist genius/talent? I've inspected my children's faces and they don't match so I believe they are going to have to work a little harder for artistic success.

    jakeparker.jpg toddmcfarlane.jpg

  • either his dad and thats something we shouldnt dig to much into 😛
    beside of that...nothing against jake but what todd achieved is on a complete different level and i dont talk about theire skill level as artists.

  • @Molambo Haha, I was thinking father too but went with brother. Yeah, agreed, it's crazy what Todd Mcfarlane is trying to do with his expanded Spawn universe now. More power to him!

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