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  • I use this thread to post my Gouache Related pieces and you are free to critique or give tipps on how to improve things. I use this Medium since Dec 2020 so i have still a long way to go to really being able to Handle it how i want to. I use the Horadam Gouache from Schmincke mixed with the Horadam Watercolors i bought before which i mix with the Gouache White to expand my color Range since i only bought the Prime Tubes for now.

    Newest Finished Work - I did the Lineart with Pencil&Ink (for Inktober), Scanned it and Printed it on Watercolor Paper to go over it with the Paints.
    alt text

    Previous One, directly drawn on Paper. Started with a Black and White Concept and decided to add color later on (did oversharpen the scan a bit)
    alt text
    alt text

    First Black and White Piece to test the Waters
    alt text

    Two Work in Progress Pieces
    alt text

  • Newest Finished Gouache&Watercolor Piece
    alt text

  • SVS OG

    @Molambo oooh!!!! Spooky! Great gouache work!

  • These are all so interesting and colorful! Nice and skillful use of the medium!

  • @RioSim1 i still struggle with the medium more then i like but i hope to master it some time in the future to do some more complex stuff but thx.

  • Ok I really want to try gouache is there a set you recommend to get started!

  • @carlianne i am not really in the position to do so since my own short experience is just based on one brand which i picked because its a local one. so i can tell you what i use and why but maybe there are other options for you in your region which might be a better pick

    here a video where a bunch of brands gets looked at
    one thing you can do to start small, which is mentioned in the video too. in the case you already have watercolors, you can just buy a gouache white and mix them together to make em opaque and get a feel of how it is to work with that medium.

    i for myself use schmincke horadam gouache in combination with the horadam watercolors which i purchased earlyer.
    i picked the 3 primary colors +black&white and additionaly use my watercolors+white gouache.

    by using the primarys you start mixing the other colors you need which in itself is always good to know and when you notice that you want more specific colors which are not that easy mixable or you cant reach the vibrancy, you can always buy more tubes.

  • Newest Piece
    alt text
    I did the Lineart with Pencil&Ink (for Inktober), Scanned it and Printed it on Watercolor Paper to go over it with the Paints.

  • @Molambo I totally bought some gouache 🙂 excited

  • @carlianne
    i wish you much fun with it and be patient with the medium. do some experiments like see how you blend and stuff before you tackle a real image. might safe some frustration.

  • @Molambo great advice!

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