feedback on this piece about anything

  • so the lighting should have been more dark and dramtic bevuase of thier poses/ expressions but just wanted to do somthing bright whn it came to painting haha!! any opinons/ feedback about anything would loveto hear it! :D!A6F481CC-AE16-454A-936D-347E9A1C85B2.jpg

  • @Tom-Burchell

    I don't mind the light colors, it makes it feel lighthearted or more appropriate for a younger audience. If you wanted it to feel more serious or dangerous then yeah you could make it darker, but I don't think you have to just because of their poses/expressions.

    Their poses and expressions are so great! It makes me wonder what they are protecting themselves against. If you wanted to push the storytelling you could try to add some indication of what they are afraid of or some text to go with this. Or maybe the danger is on the ground since they are looking at the sky. Like there is a snake and they are wondering what the rattling sound is. As a viewer that would really up the emotional impact!

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