how flexible are trade-book deadlines with big publishers?

  • I have recently sold a book to a big publisher, and I'm curious how flexible are deadlines for trade books (not educational books) with big publishers. Let's say if the given period for illustrating is 4 months, is it ok to return everything in 4 months and two weeks. Sometimes publishers would want revisions, and it may take extra time.

    Thank you!

  • SVS Instructor Pro

    I've found that deadlines can be flexible. But if you hope to work with that publisher or any of the editorial staff (who move around all the time) again you will want to work out any changes to the deadlines well in advance.

    If you realize you will need two more weeks, ask for two more weeks and get approval in writing (don't do it via just a phone call). Do this as early as possible!

    This is easier if the alteration to the deadline is due to the publisher not getting you timely feedback or approval. I've sent many messages along the lines of:

    "If we are going to meet the next deadline I'll need feedback in three days. If that isn't possible we will need to discuss extending the due date."

  • Thank you so much for your insights and the tip! Will make sure if I need more time, I talk to them well in advance.

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