Cooking Yeti Spot Illustration Question WIP?

  • So I wasn't exactly sure how to go about submitting? Should I do a transparent png or would it be better to have a solid background to see the light colors better? Is the banner tag okay or should I do something else there? I don't want to detract from the picture. Still new to these 😅

    Transparent png:

    I think it's mostly done minus the details of the best way to submit it, but I would also love to hear any feedback you guys have! Thank you!

  • Hello @Lindsey-Pittenger i think it’s great as it is, my only feedback would to just use a dark font instead of the block text it’s a bit distracting. As far as the file I don’t know much about that because I am relatively new to digital art but I usually use jpeg. 🧐 hope something here was helpful!

  • @Asyas_illos Thank you! That does help 🙂

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