SCBWI Winter Conference Portfolio - feedback welcome!!

  • Hello all,

    I am new here…This is my first post! I am so nervous!

    As a brief intro, I am a cancer and immunology researcher turned into a children’s books illustrator. So far, I have done two books comissioned by a scientific research center.

    I love vintage illustrations, colours and collage.

    I feel lonely in this adventure of finding my style, learning and growing. All my friends are scientists! In my quest to go out of my shell, I found this community. THANK YOU! I am grateful for that.

    I also joined the SCBWI, and decided to join their Winter Conference to connect to other illustrators, artists, art directors…etc

    I would like to submit 3 pieces to their Portfolio showcase, and I will be extremely grateful if you could help me to choose them. I am at this stage where I feel nothing is good…Sometimes it happens (but I think it is because we are growing the most!).

    These are my pieces: (THANK you in advance, I really appreciate it):
    SAG_02.jpg SAG_03.jpg SAG_03.jpg SAG_04.jpg SAG_05.jpg

  • WOW! Honestly your work is amazing and has so much personality and style! I'm amazed that this is your side "adventure" lol. Here's the 3 I would pick and why:

    #18 - The colors & composition really make this one stand out, I love the characters expressions & there's a very strong narrative quality to the whole image.

    #2 - I love the action & the individual expressions on all the children are amazing... it's so expressive. They are all running towards something in their own unique ways. really nice. One small comment on this one: the diagonal line in the background (behind the clouds) in some ways lends to the action of the scene but may also be distracting from the characters, would be interesting to compare it to a version without the strong line.

    #11 - I love the simplicity and might be nice to feature a spot illustration in contrast to the other full page spreads. What gets me about this one is the intensity of the girl as she looks through the telescope, haha she's very serious about what she's doing there. Colors, composition so simple and fantastic!

    Honestly it was hard to pick just 3, thank you so much for sharing. I look forward to seeing more and hearing about SCBWI. Good luck and please keep us all posted!

  • Welcome! great idea joining SVS and SCBWI. Not sure what they are looking for in their portfolio showcase but these 3 stood out to me:

    #3 and #9....shows character consistency and shows how you can do a spread and spot illustrations. Really like the mix of color and linework in #9
    #18 I just really love this one 🙂 very unique.

    good luck!

  • Wow!!! Amazing work. Honestly, really good. Been seeing a lot of collage art lately in picture books, but yours stands out because you infuse so much personality and movement in your characters.

    It's hard to whittle it down to 3, but here are my faves:

    1. #2 - the diversity of your characters and movement in the piece are superb.
    2. #11 - LOVE everything about this. It just seems to capture YOU as an illustrator (and maybe as a person?).
    3. Tie between #18 & #20. #18 shows that you can do backgrounds and a fully-rendered scene and while it's lovely, this scene has been done so many times before. #20 - for some reason, I kept being drawn to this one and I think it's because you're so strong with characters. The rainbow duckling is adorable! However, is it too similar to #2 & #11, being character-driven with little to no background? Guess it depends on whether you want to play to your strengths or show range in your skills.

    Looking forward to seeing great stuff from you!

  • Thank you so much @Tiffany-Thomas ! I am grateful you took the time to look at them and provide me with your thoughts.

    It is funny that you mention #18. This one is a memory of me and my sister in summer when we were kids. It really came from my heart, and from this feeling of missing her this year (it will be more than year now...)

    Thanks for being part of this adventure! I am glad to share this learning journey with you guys. Cheers!

    Dear @KaraDaniel Unfortunately, this year there is not much info on what they want. It seems that they look for interesting "style and voices"... which is really wide. I guess that it is why I was so confused and looked for some advice here. I still do not have the experience to assess my work eficiently.

    Hello @Melissa-Bailey-0 I I hope to grow this year in compositions,backgrounds, color and narratives, I feel I am still weak on those. SVS courses are helping me a lot!! I am grateful you looked at my work and provided me with your thoughts.

    If I can assist with something, please do not hesitate to let me know!

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