Looking for Feedback: 10 Step Digital Painting WIP

  • @Jacy13 thank you for the encouragement! I think I might do another couple of thumbs that combine some favorite color ideas. It's so hard to decide!

  • @Valerie-Light Thank you! I did the “Light and Shadow for Illustration” before this one, and I do feel like that course breaks down the value stuff in a cleaner way, so I probably took a lot from that course while doing this one. After I had my sketch I also made more masks than Will did so I had a mask for the background mountains, midground castle, and foreground character which I also think helped with keeping it clean but I didn't use a clipping mask or anything like that, but I had them ready when I needed them, its a balance, I definitely feel like too much masking can slow me down and make it look to clean and stiff… I might also add it's not too late to start to work from back to front, if I remember correctly it was sort of after the color studies that Will started from the back and doing the refining.

  • @mellanrumsformer I watched that Light and Shadow class a few months ago, but I was very new to digital painting and I didn't do the assignments. Now I think I'd like to rewatch it more carefully! I'm used to working in traditional media, so simple stuff like working with a mask or multiply layers is honestly feeling like a breakthrough. Will helped translate to me what digital media can do with the acrylic and gouache mindset that I have.

    I did decide to redo my value steps, and another round of color studies. In the value sketch I like that there's more definition in the bushes, and less line work in the trees.
    In the color studies,@Jacy13 I think you were right about those purples. I think I'm going with G! I just love it.
    2.10.21 fox color studies.jpeg

  • @Valerie-Light Very cool! Can't wait to see your progress! 😃

  • Finally got some time to revisit this project. I spent a few evenings working this up from background to foreground. I'm ready to start some color adjustment, and fine tuning. Some things I plan to work on are the expression in the fox's eyes (looking out of frame right now) and the raccoon's color, which was just more interesting in my color studies. What else do you all think would help pull it together?

  • @Valerie-Light Love the way the colors are turning out, it's beautiful! I think you are correct on the fox's eye looking out of frame. With that correction it'll look even better! I can't think of anything else off hand for critique. You are doing great! 😃

  • @Jacy13 Thank you for the encouragement!

  • @Valerie-Light Looking good, nice to see the development... I would maybe try to turn the fox a bit more orange, especially in the shadows, maybe raising their level and adding some more saturation, they look a bit muddy now. The leaves and environment are looking great!

  • @mellanrumsformer Yes, I think you're right about the fox color. Looking at the color studies from a few days ago, G has a much more harmonious look than that yellow fox.

  • I think my 10 step digital painting class experiment might be finished? 95% finished? I left it alone for a few days and came back to it with fresh eyes to make adjustments to color and expressions. I'm feeling like working through this class was a big step forward for me, and I'm looking forward to more. Thanks for all the invaluable feedback, everyone!

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