Will Terry's 10 step digital painting Finish!

  • I wanted to try a complex composition with several elements since backgrounds and compositions are a big weakness of mine.
    Rendering is a nightmare for me. With this course I try to find a way of rendering in which I feel comfortable and that brings good natural-looking results. I love will Terry's style, so better learn from him.

    Here's the sketch and the drawing with the first two steps, "conclusion shadows" and "cast shadows" and really shadows in general. Now is when the real fun starts! Feel free to comment, criticize, etc. Have a great day you all!!!!

    sketch s.jpg

    blacks and shadows s.jpg

    and here's the color studies and the final piece. Color schemes are simple but helped my workflow. I used to put colors almost randomly and then tweak a lot until I find results I like and last I do the color grading.
    I'm using a lot of photography color techniques that I learned working as a photographer and I feel comfortable with it, so the classic way that will teach, setting a mood with a sepia or red layer don't work for me. I prefer to do my color grading at the end.
    Mi piece has 7 or 8 levels from foreground to background and I don't think it is necessary to show photos of all the processes.
    I ended skipping some steps and changing others but I finish the piece and I learned some things.
    I'm not very happy with the results but I'm happy with what I learned.
    Now to start the next! Have a great day you all!!!!!

    minitauros color schemes.jpg

    minitauros comp s.jpg

  • I think it looks very promising. You probably could add more occlusion shadows in the contact points between the character hooves and the skulls, to make them sit more in space. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out. And just curious, why is rendering a nightmare for you?

  • @mellanrumsformer Hi. I'm stuck with the sketch and the drawing almost always. I don't find a rendering workflow that I feel comfortable with and that gives me good results.

  • @Samu Yeah, rendering is a big topic. I can recommend the “Light and Shadows for Illustrators” if you haven’t done it. Lee break´s it down very well in that one 🙂

  • Yeah definitely check out any SVS courses that go into understanding light, because that will have a positive global effect on all your rendering, including shadow consistency and use of colour.

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