Illustrations of two OG characters. Feedback please?

  • So I started drawing these two guys, Alfred the Penguin and Shadow the Leopard Seal little over a year ago due to some Inktober 52 prompts. I think these are my best ones and was hoping I could get some feedback? Technical drawing, but most if you can see a story in them and their personalities. I post these on Instagram so they get a caption but I feel like people usually don't read them.





    Thank you so much for your time! You are all wonderful! ๐Ÿ˜„

  • I love all of them -- especially the third one!

  • @Meg-Clayburn There are adorable. I am no expert here as I just started this journey. The pen /ink on that colored paper really gives a classic feel to the characters. The line treatment on the back of the seal is great! The ones where they are actually interacting give it some story.

  • @Meg-Clayburn They are so cute together! I could totally see these two being great characters in a storybook. They definitely have personality and charisma in each of them. My favorite is the one on the very bottom ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @Meg-Clayburn Also, the combo of the line from the pen and white/black are a nice technique are really give character to the line work on the hat/scarf.

  • @Meg-Clayburn great characters! They're definitely cute and could definitely work for a children's book.

    To be honest, the first picture doesn't give me a strong sense of who this character is. However, scrolling down, I did get a sense of these two friends -- they look like they could get into some great adventures (or would that be misadventures?) together. For me, your storytelling shines in the third illo.

    Moving forward with these characters, could you infuse even more personality into them? Exaggerate expressions? Give the seal some more movement? (In 2 of the 3 illos, he/she is in the exact same position with the same expression.)

    It's really difficult to clearly convey emotion and expression in a predominantly-black character, but you've done a really good job with that. Love the charm of these characters, the monochromatic palette you've chosen, and the storytelling in the last 3 illos. Would love to see you push it even more.

    Please keep sharing -- would love to see these two end up in their own story!

  • Lovely characters. I particularly enjoy the interactions between these to friends. The eye contact in the second, Alfredโ€™s reaction in the third, and the all-out fun in the fourth. These images convey emotion, character, and story. As Melissa suggested, you could probably build on this, and infuse the characters with even more personality. I also appreciate the stylistic choices. Well done, Meg.

  • @Melissa-Bailey-0 thank you! I hadn't realized that shadow was in the same pose in all of them! I'll work on that see what more I can get out of him. Planning on more stories to come, been thinking about doing some misadventures, just haven't quite picked the right one to start with. Been working on expressions with these two, but I think in going to push it till I go too far then pull back. Thank you so much for your feed back! It means a lot!

  • @Casual-T I agree more personality would be useful, I think I need to get to know my characters a little better and flush them out more. Thank you!!!

  • @Meg-Clayburn you're so welcome! Totally relate to what you're saying. Especially when working traditionally, that fear of having to erase can hold us back.

    Personally, I've found that drawing characters over and over helps me to get comfortable, as does sketching out a character sheet with different facial expressions. The other thing that greatly helped me loosen up and push expressions is the summer I spent doing caricatures at a zoo -- you HAVE to exaggerate caricatures and with squirmy kids sitting there, you have to draw fast! If you also find yourself struggling with being brave and loosening up, try doing some quick caricatures. (Nobody has to see them but you!) ๐Ÿ˜‰

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