How long has it taken for your book to be self-published?

  • So last August, I finished illustrating a children's book for a self-publishing author under a "work for hire" clause (I was still very new and naive back then). We agreed that I would not be allowed to share any of my work on the book until the author published which I thought was reasonably fine. But it has almost been six months, and I have yet to receive a new message or update regarding the book that I worked on.

    I really want to put one of my more professional works in my portfolio but I do not want to disrespect my agreement with my author. I do not want to bother them about it, only because the last time we spoke they closed the contract and gave me an online rating, but then wanted me to do more revisions because of minor insignificant details that I felt like were dismissable, and got mad when I would do it with the understanding that it was an exception, even though it's kind of irresponsible and unprofessional on their part. Basically, I don't think I want to work with them again.

    Do you think I should still bother her about it or just let this one go?

  • SVS OG

    @Michael-Angelo-Go I'm getting the impression that they're not publishing it just yet because they don't have the money to print the books. It's probably best that you leave this one behind and just make new pieces.

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