Environment design class work feedback ex.5

  • Just looking for feedback on this exercise. Want to make sure I did this correctly and find out what I can improve on. A lot of them were portrait oriented so I have one image for each orientation so you wont be cranking your head back and forth like a crazy person
    5CB33C4F-F33C-4007-9AC4-B182C93D261A.jpeg D501407E-BE90-48D8-A113-F93CEE519FC5.jpeg

  • @Griffin I looked back at mine and remembered I had a variety so this is how I laid mine out (below). Maybe it will help you also because I didn't want to snip off the edges of any of the work. Note these are digital and I don't work digital anymore. I love seeing these and what people choose.

    CEDC Workbook 01-6 FINAL part 1.jpg

    CEDC Workbook 01-5 FINAL VLAUE part2.jpg

    I think I tried to limit to 3-4 values which was tricky.

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