Last minute yeti home feedback

  • Howdy!

    Just looking for any feedback before I submit this.
    Here are some things I’m wondering
    -should I crop in just a bit on the right and and bottom
    -Should I make the inside of the windows lighter or darker maybe (I’ve messed around with both a bit but couldn’t get something to work, let me know what solutions you might have)
    -add something more to the sky? I do like how barren it is but maybe it needs just a smidge more?

    Another slightly different thing. My images always post slightly blurry but when clicked on they look fine. I post in 300dpi, 5" on the longest side

    That’s mostly it, let me know if there is anything else the stands out to to you that may need some attention


  • @Griffin I know you didn't receive feedback before but I really like the style and the simplicity of the design. I don't remember your yeti sorry. I like the bareness, it's peaceful. I like the round edges on the largest window and I know you have already handed it in but I would round the corners of the other windows and also maybe round other corners (flag and on the chimney). I like the barren sky but not sure about the water colour texture, it distracts a bit. Maybe if you did it in the same brush as the house.

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