Yeti home WIP... down to the wire

  • I joined at the beginning of December and was really thrown a curve ball with the Yeti theme - snowy bigfoot creatures were hard to think about in the middle of an Australian summer!

    I struggled with the Yeti character - and finally way past deadline got something I'm happy with (am yet to finish the character sheet). I really wanted to take part in the challenges, and was kicking myself for seemingly missing both of the first two months. But last night, I finally, finally had an idea.

    Below is my WIP, with a few more hours tomorrow, hopefully I can meet the deadline... Planning on rendering the bits and bobs in his garage - he's a helpful little fellow my Yeti who runs a snow plow service. But all those items need rendering... fingers crossed...

    Any feedback/critique would be appreciated.

    Looking forward to seeing the contest!


  • Hi Emma! I love your color palette and the Yeti garage is an awesome idea. I think you should finish the garage details as much as possible and maybe soften the bold lines on the houses in the background, I think the strong lines are distracting from the primary focal point (the garage). That's my two-cents, good luck!!!!

  • @Tiffany-Thomas Thank you, yes, the village detail was bothering me but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Better get to it!

  • @Emma-Echter Good luck!!!! You got this!!!

  • The subtle colors you have on the mountains are so cool. And the way the garage items have no color to them is also a really cool. Somehow reminds me of old cartoons like Charlie Brown

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