Yeti Home Progress

  • Hi everyone,

    My first art contest to enter... if I make it in time, only realised about it last night XD

    Here is the initial sketch. I'm not very good with perspective. Any feedback on my yeti home with regards to the perspective or composition? Do you think I need more of a foreground? Tried to leave an empty space so it's not chocoablock full...

    Thank you for any advice!


    Untitled_Artwork 2.jpg

  • 7E4EA17B-B0BD-4339-902E-A61CF573FA8B.jpeg

    More progress, I’m trying to use the tips from Will’s painting in Procreate cabin class, usually I like drawing outlines But I love how more painterly pieces look so it’s a challenge (hopefully the time will be worth it in the end, I got a bit Bored of doing the house and went on to some details 😂) Do you ever get side tracked? Really want to finish in time but if I don’t it will have been a great project!

  • getting there... feeling stuck...feel like I messed up the windows 🤯


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