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  • Howdy good folks of svs!

    I have made revisions to my website based on feedback from the last time I posted about it and would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on the new version. My main focus at the moment is having a strong bio. The bio I am referring to is just the first bit at the beginning of my about page. My concern is that it might be too general in terms of what work I am lookin for but at the same time I really am interested in lots of different work like book covers, spot illustrations, advertising, really anywhere you might see an illustration.
    Another concern I’ve had since I started my site is that I’m basically using the same design as Jamie Green’s website . I’d like to do what they have with their name written out at the top but I just feel like I’d be stealing their whole look. I’ve asked others about this and they have all pretty much said I’m crazy and I have nothing t worry about with using the same design as them. I can understand that you can’t really own a website design like you would an illustration, plus there’s not much design to it, it’s just clear cut and minimalist. I would just hate for someone to feel like I had copied them. Would love to hear what you all think

  • Actually you can 'own' the loom of a website to a certain degree but I wouldn't be concerned about your website being similar to the another. You're both using a drag and drop or point and click website builder and though customized it's still a general template they offer to everyone. Yours is wix and the other is square space they both build basically the same websites.

  • @jimsz I didn’t use a template for my site but that’s a good point about it being a drag and drop sort of thing. I guess because of that each website is sort of limited in its uniqueness so it’s sort of hard not to copy other designs in that sense

  • It's really good!

  • I like the site a lot! Really nice work, your individual projects are beautiful, I really like the spirits and brink paintings.

    My only feedback would be that maybe the illustration section doesn't show a lot of work at first glance, and the fewer clicks it takes to find what you're all about, the better. Because as a newcomer to the site I don't know what to expect from the sections you've named, I'm not sure as an art director I'd immediately know what to click or how its relevant to me.

    This might be unnecessary for what you're going for, but maybe you could have a clearer section for projects, and find a more targeted heading for bits and pieces? Editorial, maybe? Or just display your absolute best under Illustration in a more open gallery? Just some ideas. You got cool artwork, I only want to see more of it straight away, I think!

    And yeah don't worry about the similar design! I can't count how many portfolios I've seen with the artist name written in fancy writing at the top and the images right beneath. (strangely enough that's because it makes a lot of sense for a portfolio and is a very common and successful theme 😂 )

  • @Nathalie-Kranich thanks for the feedback! I’ll definitely be taking this stuff into account. I know there’s not a ton of image on the illustration page but I’m not sure what I can do about that accept keeping drawing more haha. I think I’ll find a way to make it more obvious that each of those series is a clickable gallery so it’s more clear that there is more than just those four images there.

  • This isn’t necessarily the most constructive feedback, but I have to say, your site made me instantly like you and think I would want to work with you. 🎉👏

  • @KayPotter that’s awesome! I’m so glad to hear that!

  • SVS OG

    @Griffin a lot of artists use the same layout as yours. I wouldn’t worry about it.

  • @Griffin said in Website feedback:

    @jimsz I didn’t use a template for my site but that’s a good point about it being a drag and drop sort of thing. I guess because of that each website is sort of limited in its uniqueness so it’s sort of hard not to copy other designs in that sense

    those hosting sites are all template based and thats why there is a similarity in any sites

  • Hi, I'm glad you shared your website. I'm working on revamping mine right now too, and seeing yours is great encouragement. You mentioned looking for feedback on having a strong Bio section. I think you're doing a great job coming off as approachable, playful, and professional in your bio section, and I love that you included bits of your drawings and kid photos throughout it. My one reaction is that you might want to look at condensing it a bit in terms of format and content. I think you could make a similarly good first impression in a smaller amount of real estate on the page.

  • @Griffin

    I like to imagine it this way.

    Imagine working a day job that you're not passionate about at the moment, maybe your just in a bad mood, its been a long day, and this is the 50th portfolio you've had to look at today.

    I would probably get annoyed at every little thing I possibly could.

    So with that in mind, I got annoyed that I didn't see any illustrations on the main page. And then even on the illustrations page you don't really see any. You see four, and I didn't know clicking on them brought up more images so I didn't even see your portfolio. I clicked off to the next guy.

    I think this way just to err on the side of caution. I mean, being an art director cant be all flowers and pancakes so I bet they do gotta look at art negatively sometimes.

  • @Frost-Drive yeah it’s definitely good to look at things critically like that but I don’t think art directors spend all day going to artists websites. If an art director is on my site then I have already gotten their attention in some way so they’re already there with a purpose, not just busily hunting for illustrators on the web. I can still understand how it may not be clear that there are individual galleries on the illustrations page. I just made a simple change to that page that to help that.

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