Constructive feedback wanted (visdev/illustration)

  • Hello everyone! I'm currently working on this one in my twitch streams and I was wondering if anyone had some constructive feedback? Or just some impressions?

    I'm still playing around with composition so this is the best time to change any of that! The tall "wooden blocks" of trees (on the right) are kind of weird, but I thought they were kinda fascinating. What do you think? I'm trying to get a weird but fascinating vibe. (see narrative below)

    I have btw already resolved to move the most left 'wooden stick' a bit more to downwards left, because its too close to the heap of wooden blocks for me.

    "Whatever you do, don't touch the statues!" his friend whispered to him. They were making their way to the cabin of Lucille's mysterious grandfather. It was quite a hike from the village and his toes were already red and swollen in his too large boots. "Oh and don't ask about the weeds!" Lucille said. "What weeds?" said Gilbert, with a slight tremble in his voice.

    Schermafbeelding 2021-01-18 om 13.10.37.png

  • Did I post this in the wrong forum? 😰

  • No I think it’s alright haha. I just don’t get what’s happening despite the story snippet 😅

    I love your colors and painterly style! Reminds me of old master oil painters ❤️ The crow is simple yet nicely designe 👍 perhaps face it towards the house unless the trees are your focal point.

    If you want weird but fantastic vibes, maybe go for something Salvador and replace the trees with something totally out of place (toilet paper? Lampstands? Cigarettes?). Or maybe have a spooky face in the cloud shapes.

    Some questions to orient criticers maybe:
    what is this for? A picture book? A gallery piece? A book cover
    What’s the story?
    What’s your intended focal point and why?

  • @emergingeden agree with Donna, I love the style and colors but I’m trying to figure out the story. I thought it was like a Maine beach house. The story seems kind of a spooky feel but the house is so in the middle and honest it doesn’t feel spooky

  • This looks cool! The best part is the little crow.

    I happened to be watchign the DragonFly Critique Arena last night, and Will and Lee were just ROaSTING everybody for putting compositions smack dab in the mmiddle!

    I would extend the canvas, up or sideways, either would improve it!

  • Thank you guys for all the tips! I've already used some of them.

    @donnamakesart You're right about the story of course! I guess I often figure it out while drawing... that might work on instagram but I guess that won't work in a children's book!

    I guess for this piece, I'm going more for intrigue and a sense of fantasy and less scary. My feeling of the grandfather is kind of homey and "good" and aloof. I have to work on putting my writing and drawing together, how it interacts etc!

    Thank you all for all the tips! It's super helpful!

    Schermafbeelding 2021-01-18 om 22.00.59.png

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