Yeti Home Contest Entry

  • This is my Yeti Submission .

    Being I just became a student of SVS last month I wanted to wait a month before I participated in the monthly contest. This is my first entry.
    Nothing in the rules states that I cannot show the Yeti itself. And I really wanted to share my vision of the Yeti. My vision of the Yeti's home is very unique as you can see.

    Entrance. (check. Matter of fact I have three of them)
    Mail Box (Check)
    Chimney (Check)
    Vegetation (Check)
    Personal Effect (Check...Oh yeah Yeti definitely has a personal effect)

    I have learned so much being a student of SVS and I have taken those skills to create this illustration.

    It took me 24 hours to draw this. The original size is is 11 x 17.

    Hope you all like it.420Yeti02.jpg

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