Basic Perspective Final Assignment

  • I finished up the Basic Perspective class and made a couple attempts at the final assignment. Any and all feedback is appreciated!

    @davidhohn Thank you so much for this class! I feel like I am finally making some progress.

    For the first one, I tried to set it up sort of like what you see with game concept art, where you see the whole room from outside. I knew I wanted the camera angle to be from one corner of the room looking toward the opposite corner. When I set up the grid, I made a couple mistakes that I believe resulted in some of the rows/columns being the wrong size. I had a hard time seeing it at first; not knowing if there was really a problem or if it was just the perspective making them appear a different size. Once I put the other objects in the room, I was sure I had made mistakes because the door looks too wide and the wall too short.

    Final_Assignment 1.jpeg

    Since I had the grid set up already, I made a new layer and drew the room from the opposite side to see it from the reverse perspective.

    Final_Assignment 2.jpeg

    Other than the mistakes I mentioned, I was pretty happy with this. But, thinking about it for a bit, I realized when I made the grid I had a general sense of where the vanishing points should be, but the view I used being outside the room didn't require that I be very precise. So I wanted to try something more specific that would test my ability to control the scene.

    I decided to draw the room again with an exact camera location and angle in mind. I wanted the camera on top of the dresser next to the closet, looking into the room but angled slightly to the left. Using the plan view, the camera position and FOV should look about like this


    I put the horizon line lower in the room as the dresser is only two units tall. I placed one vanishing point in the image, directly across the room from the camera, in the lower left part of the window. Then another way off on the left of the image to create that slight turn of the camera to one side. Here is the full room drawn from this perspective

    Full Scene.JPG

    And finally the framed image that completes the placement of the camera by limiting the FOV. The composition of the image from this angle isn't great, but I feel like I succeeded in proving to myself I am starting to be able to control the camera in a scene.


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    @Kiel-Ewing Very nicely done!

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