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  • Hi everyone
    So im totally struggling with self-doubt this past month and I don't know how to analyse and critic my own work anymore. I feel like I'm trying to hard to fix things so I loose the feeling in my sketches. So help me evaluate please.
    I made this sketch and sort of like it

    But there is a lot of things in proportion and placement that isn't right. So made some changes

    But this feels more stale and boring to me, like it lost something? Then I argue with myself in my head and I don't feel like I know anything. What do you guys think? Help please ❤

    (Ignore the design on the mailbox they are just placeholders fore now)

  • So I have been watching a lot of angry mikkos on you tube. He is my go to artist. He speaks a lot about being at peace, drawing and painting within your happiness, and he is really great at environments. Nothing like is name seems.

    The reason why I am sharing this is because I too live in the self-doubt world. Battling back-and forth.

    With that said I think you are still early on your piece. I've experienced this same feeling like it doesn't seem like it is coming together. Keep at it, stick to your perspectives, and let your creativity free.

    I see a lot of potential in this piece. Please don't doubt yourself. Your art is how you see the world. Your creativity is the music of your being. Let it play and enjoy the process.

    These are my reminders I tell myself and I hope something in here will help.

    There will be times where you will have to rework a lot. The there will be times where its easy.

    You're not alone!

  • I definitely feel for you I think it’s just something all artists go through once in a while like a rollercoaster. But I see a lot of really cool things happening with your sketch. I also agree that the first one feels more complete than the second I really like the mountain in the background. Maybe just kick around a few other sketch ideas and then come back to this one and see how you feel about it?

  • Thanks both of you for encouraging words and trying to pick me up. I'm going to try findig a more happy state of mind and go at it again ❤
    See if it helps with my uncertainty

  • @Sara-Nilsson

    I just wanted to say that I struggle with self doubt a lot and what has helped me recently is adjusting how I look at that feeling. So instead of saying I have self doubt, I say, “I feel uncomfortable”. And I know that it’s Okay to feel uncomfortable because that just means I’m learning right now, and although it’s nice to feel comfortable, I want to grow as an artist. I spent five years working professionally and “feeling comfortable” as an artist and I didn’t grow or get better and at the end of it I hated the art I was making. It was incredibly uncomfortable to start questioning my work and if I was doing it right and to begin pushing myself again but a thousand times worth it.

    So just keep going, it’s okay ❤

    Also it’s really common to feel like your sketch has more energy some things I do:

    -clean up and leave the sketch layer on a light opacity under it and just leave it there in the final

    • draw your clean up lines quickly in the same manner you drew your original sketch to get the “energy” back

    Hope that helps

  • @carlianne oh thanks it's comforting to hear others stories and how you tackle it <3. I will definitely try your advice on leaving the sketch layer underneath.

  • So Thanks for pushing me made this have some things left to do. Not perfect and not following all the things I'm trying to learn. But your advice helped me make something atleast I like 🙂


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