Yeti - Wales the Yeti’s Tree House Critique

  • OK so some things that I know I am weak in and don’t quite understand are:

    Flow - How the eye moves through the painting. So I think I can see the flow up the tree through the heavier side of the house, around the opening of the cave and back to the mailbox? What do you think?

    Framing - I think I maybe should make it more vertices than square, but I do not know how that works.

    Also the lighting in the house. I think it is pretty stale.

    I still plan on rendering more, adding more lighting effects, and personal items. I would also like to add something to show the scale. I think i may go darker in the cave.

    Feel free to share any of your thoughts and yes it is a tree inside a cave in the artic.



  • @dafoota I love this concept! I'm wondering if you would want to emphasize the tree in the cave idea by having one of the stalactites (stalagmites?) come down from the ceiling near the top of the house. I see that there is a rolled up ladder, maybe that can be hanging down to help the eye move around? And the only thing I'm questioning is that I can't quite see a clear front door. I guess I would expect it to be above the ladder, but I could be getting something wrong. I love all the details so far, the pink vines, the horns, the little mailbox, the banner. The colors look great so far, but I think you're right about the glow from the windows, maybe you can warm that up.

  • I have such a hard time with this! I just about gave up throwing basic colours on mine today, lol. But, I'll give you some first impressions.
    1- Very fun idea!
    2- I find the vibrant pink viney mossey growth highlights the edges of your house well.
    3- I think the bright pink tree foliage is calling for more attention than the more subdued purply pink of the house. For me, the coloured picture circles from left-most tree foliage to house to mailbox. The cave entrance is completely washed out (I didn't notice until you pointed it out. It does cycle on the black and white pic though).

    I wonder if you could try taking that front foliage way darker and more muted so the house stands out again?

  • First off it’s awesome! Now, I’m wondering if you’d move the chimney to the top level roof on the right side, it seems kinda lost right now. And letting the smoke trail up towards the right corner of the image, as well unrolling the ladder as @carolinebautista had mentioned, would add nice flow. I think a taller canvas would look nice and add to the perspective. And I too think the pink is a bit distracting ? Or maybe if there was a little more contrast between the trunk and the foliage? but I’m sure this could change as you still have rendering to do with darkening the cave and what not. The lighting will come together nicely once the cave is darker. This is a very cool concept! Can’t wait to see the finished piece.

  • Love it! It’s a badass yeti house.
    My eye went right to the house. I wonder if a silhouette of someone or something at home might provide the scale you are looking for?
    Looking forward to seeing it completed.

  • Hi @dafoota, super cool concept and perspective!

    The tree branch leaves on the top left keep stealing my attention, so you might want to address that somehow.

    I think it would be really cool to show some beams of light coming from the cave roof, just to show the tree getting some sun.

    Also, the cave would likely be very dark, which would make the tree look almost black from the angle of the viewer, so you might want to add some torches around the tree to introduce light source?

    Structurally, you may want to extend the right support branch because it feels like the house can easily fall over from the right. Just a thought. Finally, I would show the tree ladder dropped to guide the viewer up the tree.

    I really dig the color palette and look forward to seeing your finished piece!


  • @carolinebautista @Cayleen @Asyas_illos @KayPotter @Jeremy-Ross WOW! Thank you all so much. I wanted show my gratitude as I take have my 5th session. Ya'll are the best!

  • @carolinebautista @Cayleen @Asyas_illos @KayPotter @Jeremy-Ross ... Here is where I am at.

    It reworked the:

    • Door
    • Chimney
    • Stalagctites (C = ceiling)
    • Added Stalagmites (G = ground)
    • Darker in the cave
    • Bright pink tree foliage
    • Dropped the ladder
    • Dimmed the windows and added glass
    • Fix the perspective of the cloth

    Still pondering:

    • Extending the support (Next on my list)
    • The torches in the cave (How to do it)
    • Personal Items
    • Something to show scale
    • If it is too grim (As we seen today cute is what is popular)
    • Making it vertical more. (how to do it)

    I was thinking some bunnies (both cute and for scale) haha

    Thanks for your time and patience. I am grateful for your insights and wisdom. It means a lot to me.

    FB82E86A-4CD0-4084-BB8F-AB07C422F293.jpeg A5797E32-2BAB-4C9A-A64A-A41E6E7E7C73.jpeg

  • Very nice updates @dafoota!

  • @Jeremy-Ross Thanks bud. I seen your yeti post. I'm afraid I just do not see, in my limited experience, much to critique. I thought it was quite nice. It's hard because being so new at this I can't distinguish the difference between a critique and my preference. you know? Anyways we are living the keep sketching that path.

  • Wow this looks much more readable! I really like how you upped the contrast a little with brighter pink in the vines they really stand out now. And ladder down is way more awesome! You can also see the chimney a lot clearer now this looks great good job!

  • @dafoota I'm loving the whole concept you've got with this tree-house! The colors are neat. I think the bunnies would be a good idea 🙂

    I feel like the mailbox could be a little more clear. Maybe a little separation from the ladder? Or making the mailbox a bit bigger? Just a little something that caught my attention.

  • @Jeremy-Ross @Jacy13 @carolinebautista @Cayleen @Asyas_illos @KayPotter Aight I think I am close to being finished.

    I cannot figure out how to change the border. Making it taller or wider just doesn't seem to look right.

    Anyways I truly am grateful. Thank you all!

    9CB5934D-A412-45D7-8CA4-370ACC6B5A39.jpeg E0D5883A-867E-4BAC-87FC-71CA22BE3BA0.jpeg

  • @dafoota I dont think you need to crop or resize it, looks fantastic, love the detail in the cave floor is it ice? Well done!

  • Well done @dafoota! I would submit as-is with a white titleblock on the bottom for your name and SVS forum name.

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