Portfolio Advice Please

  • I'm wanting to put together a physical portfolio and would like to get suggestions from this forum on how to go about doing that. So here are a few questions I have...

    Is there a preferred size? 8.5"x11" and 11"x14" seem to be the numbers I'm running into a lot.

    Which is better: plastic sleeves or sheets where you have to mount the work onto?

    I've come across this blog post and through that came across these companies: Pina Zangaro and Kolo. Right now I'm leaning toward Kolo. Does anyone have any experience with or know about other companies that they'd recommend?

    Anything else I need to consider when putting together a portfolio?

  • I've been listening to a few podcasts recently, this one might be useful to listen to - if I remember correctly, it talks about how to create a portfolio that is adaptable in real time during conferences depending on the feedback you get :


    Also, I can't remember if this idea was from the same one, or the Giuseppe Castellano interview in the Stories Unbound podcasts, but they also put forward the idea of being unconventional eg standing out by putting artwork on the cover, ie you don't have to have a black cover just because everyone else does. They were worth listening to anyway, he covers a lot of ground. http://oatleyacademy.com/stories-unbound

  • Just took a listen. Really good points that were brought up in that podcast. It was quite helpful. Thanks for sharing!

  • @shinjifujioka This link might be helpful as well...it's from Giuseppe Castellano's art tips on his website - it talks about what to put in your portfolio, both website and physical, and he goes into quite a lot of detail, including books & binder types, and there's even a page-by-page template to follow if you want to.


  • @Dulcie Lol, it's funny you mention that. I just came across it this morning! Still haven't read it though...I just have it open in one of my tabs.

  • @Dulcie Just finished reading the article. In talking about being yourself, I really liked how he said "I would much rather have someone find flaws in who I am than love who I’m not."

  • Yeah good sentiment there..for life in general too. A curated portfolio is great, but not a false one...flawed can be interesting too.