Thinking Outside The Pen_experiments

  • Hi, I took this class in November. I loved this class. I don’t think I am so good at “playing” with materials. I realized I do well with lots of parameters. I liked the process of this and the straight lines were like meditation. As I created them, I was becoming the grooves on a vinyl record album.
    -The faces were inspired after I visited David Habben’s Instagram. They are from photos - I am struggling to loosen up and let go of so much realism. I took Jake’s character design and Anna Daviscourt’s. (/assets/uploads/files/1610065317312-f61c1da5-5288-4979-bea2-d6d029cf5d16.jpeg) 2668B1E7-231C-42CB-B9E2-5BB513AE3919.jpeg D48E3BDD-2BAE-41B5-9066-B859443AD53A.jpeg 742F4E13-91ED-4AC6-9B8C-1715C636A860.jpeg B7942003-E8C0-4A6F-9A01-DE0A879AF449.jpeg 3D9E9DA1-52CB-4BDD-81FD-FFF1DAD5397E.jpeg E01741D4-2850-49B8-8EA2-1AAEA8EA7D47.jpeg 7BA5853E-BBCB-493B-89EF-CB24FC15A30E.jpeg 79BB7A7F-A760-4B13-9DF5-95DDD11A68AB.jpeg

  • I took the advice I keep hearing from Jake, Will and Lee to do master studies. I feel like I am just copying but I am trusting the process of building my new alphabet. EDC28E36-1293-478F-917F-310D530D2E82.jpeg E5AB477F-CCA6-4F8C-8875-26AB0DF5D6FF.jpeg 3BA22EA9-B599-4DF5-8093-9B299A48E9F9.jpeg 57340997-6E41-4D89-A6C1-5EE43A9A993C.jpeg

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