Character design sketch critiques?

  • Hey y’all in light of the recent yeti prompt I decided I needed to do more character design sheets. This is Kit from a story I’ve written. I’m pretty confident drawing her at this point but does anybody have any feedback as far as angles and poses go before I roll into ink? I had a little trouble with the ballet pose and the front laying arms to chin pose. I wanted a sort of mixed human and cat anatomy so the legs were a bit difficult to work.

  • @powsupermum Nice! I'm not the best at anatomy, but i had a thought. Seeing as she is a ballet dancing cat hybrid, it would be cool to see how she stretches- stretching being something both cats and ballet dancers do a lot of and an action that could make sense in a story.

  • @powsupermum I would try to have the main character in all body poses in the same "size", like the cat from behind is much bigger than the cat to her left or the cat above her facing us or the head of the lying cat smaller than of the cat standing beside her. Also the right cat looks smaller and wider. I think than it would better. I Like the name and also the bigger stand alone face.

  • @mollylgm thank you that’s a great idea I will brainstorm on that!

  • @MichaelaH thank you I will do some adjusting to the size, usually ones I’m still working on I will have them a little bigger and will adjust afterwords 👍

  • Nice! I just watched a character design class on SVS (forget the actual name, but it was taught by Will Terry and Jake Parker), and in it, Jake stressed using 3/4 view a lot with character design, as that allows you to see most of the character and get a good read on them. For those two poses you're having trouble with, they are both head-on view -- what if you tried them 3/4 and see if that helps?

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