Portfolio Creation Thanks To SVS!

  • Thank you so much for the thoughtful feedback @Heather-Boyd!

    The Together piece was exploratory and literally took me like 30 hours. I really love the way it came out though.

    I had a blast with the Bongo piece and tried to stick with a simple color palette while keeping Bongo high in the sky with dangerous croc waiting in the river.

    For this year, I plan to continue taking SVS courses after work and on weekends, and making a piece for each monthly contest. I also have several book dummies I’m exploring and a 3rd book in the Mustard series titled, Mustard Thinks Twice, to be released late Feb.

    Also enjoying watching your work and progress here in SVS. Any plans for 2021?

  • Thank you for the feedback @aska! The avocado piece is one of my favs too because it has a valentine feel to it.

    Thank you!

  • @Jeremy-Ross Great work, Jeremy! Lovely to see all your work together. This really shows dedication!

    You've definitely developed a distinct style. My faves are Bongo, avocado and lost elephant. I also love how dynamic your inktober #2 piece is!

    My suggestion going forward would be to balance your use of heavy linework with a brighter palette or vary the color of the lines through the piece.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your work this year!

  • Thank you for the thoughtful feedback and recommendations @Neha-Rawat!

    That’s a great idea! Many thanks!

  • @Jeremy-Ross I'm so happy for and proud of you!

  • Thank you so much @carlianne! You’ve also been a huge help and inspiration!

    My favorite piece of yours is the nighttime robot umbrella piece. It’s so dynamic and alive!

  • @Jeremy-Ross

    Thanks these are plans (similar to yours):

    Illustration Goals for 2021: Complete the drawing portion of SVSLearn.com curriculum and by the end of the year start a children's picture book dummy from one of my own stories.

  • Awesome plan @Heather-Boyd!

  • @Jeremy-Ross

    Aw, thanks!!

    I think your "ink fairy" piece and the skeleton piece really stand out to me style wise. They feel really fun and unique. I especially like the trees in the skeleton piece and the fairy in your ink piece.

    For improvement, I think my main concern with your work is that it looks kinda blurry? Almost like the brush you're using is not meant to be used at the scale you're using it at so it's getting pixelated. Lee talks about it in the "How to create custom brushes" class. (I can try to show you if you don't know what I mean) If you're doing that intentionally for style I think you need some areas that are crisp, like in the focal points, to balance the pieces out.

  • Thanks @carlianne, appreciate the feedback on the pieces and the brush. I’m purposefully working messy, but I think it’s because SVS Forum doesn’t allow me to add the higher res version, which is being blurred by my photo app.

    You can see the higher quality versions here. https://folio.procreate.art/jrossray

    I’m still working on my website.

    If still blurry, I will work on improving the issue.

    Thank you!

  • Jeremy, Thanks for sharing your experiences and celebration. What you have produced over the years is simply beautiful. Seeing your excitement in celebrating your achievements brings me joy also, because I remember seeing these throughout the year.

    From the ones that I remember the pirate girl is a studio wall piece in my opinion. I too am old. 36 years old and finally pursuing art. So I can relate to the difficulties of finding one's style.

    I would say the together piece holds a lot of stylistic gems to hold on to. I can see you have a softness to your colors.

    I’m looking forward to learning with you this new year!

  • Thank you so much for the kind words @dafoota!

    I enjoy setting new goals for the year; however, I really love doing a Year-end Review to reflect on my accomplishments (what went well, what not so well).

    Reflecting back is a great way to kick off the new year.

    I also enjoyed seeing your work throughout the year, especially Ink Fairy and Oz Cover, and look forward to growing with you as an artist this year. Also enjoy your positive energy in the forums!

  • @Jeremy-Ross @dafoota So happy to hear that there are other old-noobs on here. I'm approaching 41yo and just decided to "pursue" art/illustration/design in 2018, even though it's been my passion since I was a kid (I'm a slow realizer).

    Congrats Jeremy on taking the plunge with the portfolio and social media. It has been a complete learning experience for me but I feel like I'm getting the hang of everything now.

    The tips/conclusions I've come to for my portfolio (mainly derived from the help of people on this forum!) are:

    • post the pieces you love because you want to get hired to do that, not something else,
    • keep it to a style or two (these can morph over time),
    • just go for it! I always wait too long to post things to my portfolio or social media, hoping that I can keep working on them until they're "just right" but have found getting things out there (no matter what level they're at) is so much more satisfying than sitting there worrying if people will like it. I wasted a lot of time on the latter, and wish I hadn't.

    Anyway, hope that helps. I look forward to see your site and social media in the near future!


  • Haha! Old noobs. I’m sure there is a team name in there some where. Like Sketchy old pens (Grumpy old men) or old liners (Old timers). Haha aight I’ll stop.

    Great advice. I would will have to book mark this post.

    We still have plenty of time ahead of us. I’m excited to see how we all progress.

  • Thank you so much for the kind words @JoshuaDages ! Better late than never, right?

    I need to do a deep dive on social media to see how best to wrangle the beast.

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