I'm terrible with fonts. Help

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    I'm terrible with typology and fonts.
    I wanted to make a "Happy New Year" Postcard design and am happy with everything except the fonts.

    Does anyone have any recommendations on how I can improve this? Either via tutorials or software?

    Any recommendations would be helpful and would be an improvement.

  • @Kayla-Groening Try dafont.com I always go there when I need a font that doesn't fit the character of my piece ^_^

    Also, perhaps try using a lighter color for your test, it's blending in with the background and kind of hard to read.

  • @Michael-Angelo-Go Thank you! I will give dafont.com a try. Hopefully, I'll have better luck than the Photoshop fonts.

    And Yes. I think having a lighter background would help make the text pop! Thank you and Happy New Year.

  • Errr... please don't use dafont. I come from a design background and I can assure you any professional looks down upon dafont. Instead use google fonts. And use "normal" or "boring" fonts instead of those curly artsy things (that seem quite unprofessional).

    And take a look at how the fonts from (well-established) children's books in the bookstore and best-selling postcards on etsy (or something similar) are. Try to go for something like that!

  • @emergingeden Thank you. I will check out Google Fonts.

    Can I ask why daFonts is so bad? I have no experience with this, so I'm just curious. Is it the website itself or is it the quality of the letters? Or something else?

  • creativemarket.com has some nice fonts - and you preview your text before purchasing.

  • @emergingeden Haha. It seems so obvious, but I dont think I have ever paid attention to fonts in books before. I guess I've always been distracted by the illustrations. 😅 I will check out some picture books and postcards and pay attention to how the professions do it.

    I have a feeling I'll never look at a book again without studying the fonts. Thank you for the suggestion. I'm kind of embarrassed that I didn't think of it myself. ☺

  • Google fonts is a great free resource! If you have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, they also offer Adobe fonts in that subscription. Many of the same fonts can be found in Adobe fonts and Google fonts. YouTube also has some great graphic design tutorials that you may find helpful.

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