Year-In-Review Featured Student Post is Up!

  • SVS Team

    Artwork by Li Xin

    The Special Edition featured student post for December is up on the SVSLearn blog. We had so many great submission! We ended up selecting 20 artists' pieces to showcase in the post and their answer to the questions of what they learned this last year from SVSLearn. Here is a link to the post to check it out:

    One thing I wanted to mention is that we will be changing the formate of the featured student moving forward. For our regular monthly featured student we will be selecting one of the participants that was selected to participate in the previous month's critique arena. We will still be holding a few special editions (like this one and Inktober) were we will still request submission here on the forum. I am so grateful for everyone that has submitted work since we first started the featured student post. If you have any ideas for other special editions of the featured student that we could do, feel free to share them.

    Have a Happy New Year!

  • Congrats to the featured students!

    I really enjoyed reading everyone’s response on how SVS inspired growth and improvement. All the pieces are amazing!