Final Assignment for Effective Vehicle Design

  • Hey all, just finished up my final assignment for @shanehunt ’s Effective Vehicle Design course. I was trying to go for something that looked cool and aired a bit more on the form over function but looking at it now I realize I might have flipped those two haha. There’s still a lot to learn in this department but I definitely gained a lot from the work that was done and I’m happy to say that I actually enjoy creating and drawing vehicles a lot more than I did before I started! Thanks @SVS and @shanehunt for another great course. I’m excited to start character design in the Curriculum!


  • @DaveLeekArt Congrats on finishing the course! This vehicle is looking really cool 😃

  • @Jacy13 thank you! It was kind of a tough one for me. I’m not the best at drawing vehicles as it’s hard to ‘see’ the image while sketching it out but I tried my best to muscle through. I just realized how jacked up and out of proportion the tires are but it’s too late to go back and change it. Ah well haha.

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