Questions about agents and assignments

  • When working with agents do the authors have any say on which artists or art style they have envisioned for their story? I ask this from the author stand point, I have many children’s story’s written but I do not have the time or mental capacity at the moment to illustrate them, but I’d like to at least get my name out there as a writer then when I am ready do the illustrations myself I’ll have a leg up. As an artist I know it will be difficult to let someone else interpret what I already have set in my mind. Does anyone know how that part goes or can point me in the right direction? Maybe some pros? @Jake-Parker @Will-Terry

  • Pro

    @powsupermum Typically it's not the agent but the publisher/editor that picks the illustrator. They pride themselves in picking illustrators carefully and finding the perfect match between a manuscript and artist. I'm not sure if the author has much final say, but I imagine it's certainly possible to ask respectfully what they envision for the art and even if it might be possible for you to see who they picked before making the decision final.

  • @NessIllustration thank you! This something I’ve always wondered.

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