Recently joined from Barcelona, looking for fellow coursemates plus a local community

  • Hi everyone!

    I am Carles, from Barcelona (Catalonia). I joined SVS this past summer, but am only now starting to try and be more active in the forums, so I thought an introduction was in order.

    My goal is not to become a professional illustrator, rather to improve my art and storytelling skills. I want to draw comics, and also add illustrations to my professional presentations and talks (I am a software engineer, currently freelancing). Besides attending a local atelier two hours a week, I am mostly learning by following various online courses, SVS being one of them.

    One of the things I would love to find in the forums are fellow classmates (I was excited to see this was a common practice here) - I am following the foundations curriculum, will be starting level two around or after Xmas, and will be posting about it.

    Ideally I'd also love to find other aspiring comic artists in my area to build a local community. We could eventually meet in person to share our learnings, self critique and provide mutual support and maybe work together in projects. Please contact me if you live nearby and like this idea!

    Thanks for the comments and feedback so far, and hoping to be an active part in this community!

  • These are e.g. the couple illustrations I made for my most recent talk that was broadcast yesterday, which have benefited from me following @Jake-Parker's intro courses and learning about copic markers (they have become a staple of mine):


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    @txels welcome to the forum!

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