First Attempt

  • This is Miles, he's walking through the Land of Nightmares, where you never see the ground.
    It's my first attempt out of doodling. I can handle harsh feedback 😃 (I encourage) And I don't like the moon... any tips?

    Thanks 😃Miles.jpg

  • SVS OG

    Very spooky image! I like it hehe 🙂 the moon definitely needs to be lightened. and i think you need to remove some of the highlights along the trees. the torch light will fall off, and the upper branches and trees down the road will not be lit. I think it's a helluva first attempt!!

  • Hi, I did a quick draw over with my thoughts, maybe its helpful 🙂


  • Thank you so much! Yeah, I'll lighten the image as you suggested, looks much better. I'm struggling with the smoke, since I do this on Procreate instead of Photoshop, so I still have to figure the brushes out!

    Thanks again for the input, I appreciate 😃

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