Effective Vehicle Design Assignment 5

  • Effective Vehicle Design Assignment 5 in the books. This is the KST-4S3X1 Research Cruiser aka Old Blue.

    I didn’t bother spending much time on the background, just wanted something in there. Also, I really need to up my details game as I couldn’t think of much else to add to this ship before finalizing. Mind you, I didn’t pull any reference which probably would have yielded some good ideas. I’ll be sure to work a little harder on the final assignment. I’m both excited and nervous to dig in as there’s a lot to tie in and man, am I the only one who finds it difficult to ‘tell a compelling story’ with my artwork? Where’s the imagination of @Jake-Parker when you need it?

    I posted this in a separate feed but thought I’d throw it up here as well so as to maybe get a few more eyes on it and also some more feedback from anyone with something to say. Thanks gang.


  • I really like the colour choices, and you've definitely got the start of something really cool design wise. It's got a nautical vibe, puts me in mind of a space yacht. I feel like more use of reference could've informed the overall shape... at first I thought the right edge was the front, until I saw the smoke trail. Seems like a lot of flat surfaces at the front would give it real trouble if it ever travelled through an atmosphere.

    In terms of storytelling, go back to the reason the vehicle exists. Research. Also is the vehicle new or old? Do the researchers have a big or small budget? That could take it from looking clean, state of the art with bells and whistles, to looking beat up with patches all over the place, maybe even a dented sattelite dish. What are they researching? If it was comets and asteroids, put more dents in there from when they got too close. If it was marine life on other planets, but some alien barnicles on the underside from when they stayed on an ocean planet for a year. If they're measuring cosmic waves, maybe the ship took some damage and parts look a little burned... also it could have more aparatus on it as well as the dish. Think of the roof of the car from Ghostbusters as an example.

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