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  • For greeting cards - would I need to come up with the cute/funny wordings. I am sure it would help, but would they expect that when sending mock ups?

  • It depends on greeting card company. Do some research into the various companies as they are pretty clear in what they want.

  • This happens to be one of the few things on the forums in which I have lots of experience LOL so happy to share! Greeted cards, as a rule in the industry, sell more than non-greeted or blank, something to keep in mind. However, I produce my own cards and local customers say they prefer blank, so it's no guarantee that the customer wants a greeting, especially if you go with a fine art card market.

    Most companies only expect artists to submit artwork and they have their own in-house writers for greetings. Leanin' Tree's vice president Susan January says if you think your greeting is good enough feel free to submit it. Be careful to use a font that's available for commercial use, or draw the text yourself. There are no points against you if you don't include words. Like @jimsz said, depends on company. I've found it difficult to know what most greeting-card-specific companies want you to submit, though. Would love to hear if anyone has insight about companies other than Leanin' Tree (LT posts submission guidelines on their website).

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    @Amanda-Bancroft thanks for your post. I make stationary and do feel a little out of the loop on the forum. Most of what I do doesn’t usually apply to book illustration and publishing. I’ll look up the company you mentioned.

    @Shelley-James-0 @jimsz - sorry,
    I can’t remember who asked the question. I can’t scroll up once I start writing. This can be a super involved question to reply to. There are tons of resources about this type of licensing. Svs is amazing about creating stellar artists and perfecting your craft. And uber helpful about the publishing industry. That’s their niche if you ask me. You can’t do everything.

    Other people out there that can help answer your question are Bonnie Christine. She has a membership and some free content out there. She deals with licensing and educates with surface pattern design. Proof to Product is also a great one to look into. I think it’s Katie Hunt. There is a podcast associated with her as well. Skillshare also has tons of classes on it.

    As far as the forum, they are freaking amazing at feedback. Actionable items to improve your work with thoughtful critiques, but also super sweet to give positive feedback too. Post some of your designs. We would love to see them. Composition and style and other design elements are universal to any industry.

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