Looking for Final Critiques

  • Hi forum! I posted this picture before I even really started the final, but now it is done (kind of)! I was looking for final critiques before I pass it off and done. A couple of concerns that I have:
    It's too airbrushed?
    The point of focus is not my character?
    Is the hair okay?
    and anything else you notice is greatly appreciated!

  • @Jules Nice piece! Couple things I noticed:

    • I think it's less "too airbrushed" and more just lacking crisp or sharp lines. I think you'd be able to do a world of good by introducing some sharper strokes.

    • It looks to me like you've applied shadows to only some of the objects. Based on your light source, you'd have shadows being generated on the photos on the corkboard, from his nose onto his mouth, under his arm, from his elbow, his hair, the pencil, the teapot, etc. And you'd have some varying levels of occlusion shadows where the darkness is strongest where the object touches the surface because the light source is very defined and it's on camera, so the effects will be more dramatic.

    I think working the shadows out will have a huge impact on the final image.

  • @jdubz Great! Thanks for your feedback!

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