Featured Student 2020 Review Edition

  • 1)How have you improved this year thanks to SVSLearn? - Between the classes and the critiques the biggest thing I have learned this year is viewing art through many lenses. Specifically being able to differentiate between composition, color, light, perspective, interest, etc. They are all ingredients of a picture but a better knowledge of what makes those individual ingredients work has really elevated my thought process.

    2)How did SVSLearn impact the creation of this piece?- I tried to focus on an interesting composition, using a triangle of interest. I also tried to maximize contrast. Lastly I tried to tell a whole story in a single picture while (hopefully) getting additional interest into "what happens next".


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    1. How have you improved this year thanks to SVSLearn?

    I found SVSLearn about a year ago when I was feeling really lost as an artist.  I had been working professionally for a while, but I didn't I feel like I enjoyed the work I was making and didn't know who I was as an artist, or what my style was.  The classes and community at SVSLearn helped me to rediscover my love of illustration and helped me find my personal voice as an illustrator.  As a double bonus, following the advice in the Social Media class and the 3 Point perspective podcast, I grew my Instagram from 100 to 14,000 followers! I am so grateful that I found SVS, it really saved me as an artist.

    1. How did SVSLearn impact the creation of this piece?

    At the beginning of 2020 I was lucky enough to grab one of the personal critique sessions with Will Terry.  He was extremely helpful in helping me figure out the path I wanted to walk on and how to focus my time and energy.  One of his suggestions was to explore a broader value range in my illustrations (which I had been avoiding).  To tackle his suggestion I took the light and shadow courses as well as the color courses and then used the monthly contest as the prompt to develop this piece.  I really felt this piece was a moment of "leveling up" which is all thanks to SVSLearn.

  • @Bricz-Art thank you very much😊!

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  • @vmerryweather I had not uploaded my work before so last evening when I did so, my file was too large & did not show anything but the link! Please see my reply to the questions regarding svslearn on my original message. Thank you so much for everyone’s kind assistance!

  • Posting in case I'm not too late! Think I got an email that said the 7th... 🤔

    SVS-june2020-FINAL copy 2.jpg

    How have you improved this year thanks to SVSLearn

    I never had the confidence to pursue art as a career--which lead me to jobs I couldn't put my heart into. A few months ago, I discovered SVS through the 3 Point Perspective podcast, which inspired me to seriously consider art as my career. SVS has given me a sense of direction for my art and a safe space to receive feedback in the forum. I've seen my skills grow so much over the past few months by watching the courses and applying what I've learned to my entries for the monthly contests. 2020 has been a rough year, but being a part of SVS has helped me look forward and keep my chin up!

    How did SVSLearn impact the creation of this piece.

    This one was a real challenge for me! I pushed myself to apply all the skills I'd been learning from the SVS courses including color contrast, shape design, and leading lines. The amazing feedback from the forum community also helped me out so much! This piece was an incredible milestone for me since it was selected as one of the winners of the June contest. For the first time, I felt truly confident that I could turn my art into a career if I keep working hard!

  • I used help aids from several of the SVS art courses pertaining to value, composition, line and texture. My first submittal for the Ink Fairy was quite flat so I added value instead of just having a silhouette.

  • ink fairy.jpg

  • @miranda-hoover great choice for submission. I remember seeing this one in the critique arena and thinking it was such a nice piece.

  • @DaveLeekArt Thank you! That's so nice to hear 💛