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  • Hello! This isn't my first post, but I thought I should make an official introduction.

    My name is Michael Angelo Go and I am from California, USA. I was born in the Philippines in the Mindanao region and my family's main language is Cebuano/Visaya. We moved to the states when I was only 1 years old.

    I am a freelance illustrator and hobbyist in digital art, writing, and toy customizing. I have a 5-year degree in architecture that I earned just this year. When I was young I wanted to be an animator and become a show-runner but when I graduated from high school and wanted to apply for college, my father would not let me pick animation as my major, so I thought architecture was a reasonable alternative, because I loved visiting Los Angeles and played Mirror's Edge as a kid.

    I chose to become a freelance illustrator when I first heard an ad on the radio for Upwork. I had never freelance before but I was really interested in putting my art skills to use. I started freelancing a year ago, and earned a job helping someone make a custom children's book for their friend's firstborn child. I don't get job offers on that site often and only seem to get successful snatches only once a year 😕

  • @Michael-Angelo-Go Hello Michael, welcome to the community. It will be real nice to see what you have created. Hope to see your work and the direction you want to take your work. 🙂

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    Welcome, Michael! There are quite a few of us from California on these forums! I'm in San Diego myself. It's nice to see another one join the fold!

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    Welcome! 😃
    I’m also in Cali. Near the Sacramento area.

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