Inktober 2020 - Week 4

  • Inktober day 24 DIG



  • Day 25 hide. FFAD4750-B237-44AA-A9AD-2E8A903DD1E1.jpeg

  • Hi, @Jacy13 thank you so much! I really appreciate that πŸ™‚

    For materials, I'm using some Bristol paper, Canson 100lbs (dont recommend the paper, I'd use something thicker next time) but what I do like about the paper is its very bright. I'm using a white and black ink, and its not water soluble. "Deleter" is the name, I'm using Black 4 and White 2. I have a few pens for thin black lines (microns/copics/hi-tec C). For other mark making I'm using a brayer, some ugly bristle brushes, sponges, and a pallet knife. I can go into detail about these upon request and I like talking about the process and stuff if you're curious about other parts. There's also a few random other tools, but I listed what I mainly use πŸ™‚ I have taken part of Lee's inking class, I need to finish it though 😰

    Happy inking!!!

  • @Norman-Morana Thank you so much for the reply! πŸ™‚ I need to get my hands on some of those supplies for sure. I've only used micron pens and Tombow water based ink brush-pens. They are okay for the ink drawings I've done this year, but it definitely makes me feel limited in what I can do with them.

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    Day27 - Music

  • @Jacy13 of course, happy to πŸ™‚
    For sure! The thing I’ve liked most about these tools is the range or mark making and that the marks are a lot bigger than what a pen could make.

  • Day 19: Dizzy
    Day 20: Coral
    Day 21: Sleep
    Day 22: Chef
    Day 23: Rip
    Day 24: Dig

  • DAY 18: Trap
    Trapped in the Matrix. This show was one of our all time fav when we were kids πŸ™‚

    DAY 19: Dizzy
    When I think Dizzy, I think spinning tops. Yet another show we used to watch, based on Bay Blade :))

    DAY 20: Coral
    Living in a tropical country, we used to swim quite a bit in the ocean. My brother could open his eyes underwater which I thought was a resume worthy skill πŸ˜‚ πŸŠβ€β™‚οΈ

    I’ll probably do another batch of 3 then call it quits.
    PS: the ones on left and right were digitally drawn πŸ˜… have no time to properly ink right now but want to at least have the ideas fleshed out before October ends ✌️


  • Inktober Day 21 - Sleep

    I drew a bear hibernating for this prompt!

    Inktober Day Twenty-One - Sleep - Jonathan Malski.jpg

    It's October 31st right now. My goal is to get one more piece done for this month. So hopefully a drawing for "Chef" will be coming along soon.

    I like what I got for this piece! The proportions might be off with the bear, and there might be too much dark value directly behind the bear's head, but other than that, I think it works!

  • DAY 20: Chef
    We used to play this mario game where you had to flip and catch food until it was cooked. I was addicted XD

    DAY 21: Sleep
    Classic Alice in Wonderland. Honestly never been a fan of the story (too nonsensical even for my 8 year old brain πŸ˜‚) but it fit the brief 😝

    DAY 22: Rip
    We used to play a game with my dad called β€œWestling in Manila” so I wanted to shoe horn muscles somewhere :)) I didn’t feel like drawing wrestling costumes though so I went with Popeyes. We used to watch this A LOT πŸ˜‚


    Congrats to everyone for finishing/ doing Inktober! I might continue this until 31 drawings. It would be a waste to quit after going 80% with it.

    Will continue to post my progress, will definitely need help with the writing portion, so hope you guys don’t mind.

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