Drawing on iPad pro vs Drawing on Cintiq

  • Hi everyone,

    I know that to get the correct colour and more advanced apps you use the computer and cintiq combo.

    I was just wondering though, for pencilling your illustrations at the start, is the iPad better, because the apple pencil is so good?


  • I do most of my rough sketches on the iPad these days. It is just more convenient and I can work from anywhere.
    I sometimes start the sketch on iPad, then continue in Photoshop, maybe switch back to iPad because I am on the road, or I just want to use that one brush on Procreate for a very specific texture.

    With a single image, I can take it to finish by using only photoshop, or iPad - both works fine. But I find it a bit messy to manage all the files on the iPad if I am doing a book project.

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    @neilpriceart procreate on the ipad has amazing pencil brushes. I love sketching on procreate but nowadays, I', doing all of my process on my desktop + cintiq

  • Thank you so much for the replies, I do like the idea of the convenience of drawing from anyway, is the expense worth it just for that? I'm not sure x

  • @neilpriceart my iPad is about a couple years old, it works fine. In my opinion, it is not an essensial tool in my current process, more in the category of things that "nice to have". I got it while my girl was a new born, so I can draw in bed.

    For artists who do art on the side for fun but have a full-time job on something else, I might recommend to start with iPad, becasue it is so easy to carry around. You probably end up doing more drawings this way.

    For artists with a limited budget to set up a workspace for making illustration full-time (especially, working with books), I would recommend starting with a small cintiq + a computer instead. You can always add a ipad once you get a few illustration gigs, and set money aside.

    Hope this makes sense.

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