I’ve been looking at it too long...halp

  • I’ve been looking at this too long. 🙃
    Creepy little pumpkin serial killer for spooky time.

    4C213C53-46C0-4866-A4C9-CCF99CEAFF1F.jpeg AC9611D0-CF01-4B01-9E85-BCD171D1161A.jpeg

  • Hi @story-paint Fun concept! Great job with the juxtaposition between your characters.

    My critique would be that the composition seems a bit heavy towards the left side. I've found that mirroring my canvas at various points through the process has been very helpful in spotting this type of issue.

    I hope you don't mind, I went ahead and did a quick flip of the main character and her table to show how I personally would balance the image (I'm also a big fan of centered/triangular compositions, which I know many people aren't, so feel free to ignore my solution).

    Nice character design and I love how you added the cat to make it extra cozy.

    (Ignore the change in color--that sometimes happens when I paste images into Procreate)

  • @miranda-hoover I hadn’t considered that! i really like that solution. And no, I don’t mind you playing with the image at all. 😁

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