Ink Fairy re-draw critique requested

  • Hi everyone! I just went over my Ink Fairy drawing as mine was one of the ones which didn't have enough contrast. I wanted to have another go and see if I could improve it.
    Since the critique I've done the composition class and the critique itself was very helpful to see how contrast makes it easier to read the picture.
    I've used watercolour pencil to darken the drawing- is there still a problem of contrast and do you think there are other things I could improve- composition/character for example?
    Ink Fairy redraw.pdf

  • I see it as an improvement..pushed contrast does help a lot. Something for us all to remember. Nice job!

  • @djlambson thanks! With hindsight I probably should’ve put Ellie in the right hand corner beside the light and had the fairy more on the left (the lighting doesn’t work now), it’s all good learning experience though 🙂

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