Fairytale illustrations

  • Hi everyone, i just finding feedback for this style of illustrations. ist for childrens book. This is combination of hand draw cartoon style and than colored in Photoshop. What do you think?




  • @Petr-Had no disrespect intended, but I think the coloring style doesn't do the drawing justice.

    It seems you're using 1 brush to do everything, judging by the harsh edges you have on every element.

    While that IS a faster way to work, it also looks a little unfinished to me.

    Check out THIS and THIS video... the styles use a variety of brushes to achieve an overall " organic " quality to their coloring.

    I would suggest at least using a soft brush for certain effects, and the lasso + drop bucket combo to do sharp edges.

    Hope that helps...

  • These (especially the first one) seem to be what people refer to as "very commercial." That can be both good and bad depending on what direction you want to go.

    Who are your Illustrator heroes? It might help us to steer/nudge you in the right direction. I'd agree with @Bobby-Aquitania that they look somewhat unfinished.

  • @Bobby-Aquitania many thanks for feedback and Tips, i try different brushes and learn and learn 🙂

  • hi again 🙂

    what do you think about this style? And this little story about "Illy & Filly" and best friend Ferdinand.




  • SVS OG

    @Petr-Had I think these images are a lot of fun. I see them fitting in more of a design setting as opposed to a picture book setting. But I could be wrong. Regardless, I think these images are great!

  • Hi @Petr-Had I completely agree with @shinjifujioka in that these illustrations, while really awesome and quite sweet in their simplicity, they are very commercial as opposed to picture book.

    I'm a graphic designer in my day job and I would totally use these in my editorial layouts, for example, or online. I could see them doing well on a stock site - maybe you could make some $ by posting them on a site like iStock 🙂

  • SVS OG

    I also agree! These are beautifully done and would definitely work well in some kind of info graphic or brochure.

  • Many thanks for feedback. And here is another mini story 🙂




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