I absolutely love Lee's new inking class.

  • Happy Inktober everyone!

    I just want to pop by and say that I really love Lee's new inking class. I have been making some sketches during the summer for a personal project, but I struggle to find a way to paint them (I wanted to paint traditonally, but I am very intimidated with traditional media. I felt everything is so permanent on paper). Now I see a way to explore with traditional media that is not so stressful. I love that Lee shows that the concept of "failing forward" can be applied to working traditonally as well.

    Below is one of the rough sketches I did, I am looking forward painting this with some of the techniques from Lee's class.

    Life and work currently does not leave room for me to do 31 paintings during Inktober this year. I hope things will calm down next week, and I get to mess aournd with brayers, and get my hand dirty soon.

    Happy painting/drawing!

  • @xin-li what a sweet and magical illustration ❤️ I'm excited to see the results of your ink experiments!

  • Wow I think this will look so good painted in that way, I can see it already! Have fun!

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