Feedback on SCBWI Narrative Art Piece

  • I am working on a set of 3 pieces that I will be using to apply for the SCBWI Narrative Art Award. I wasn't digging last month's SVS prompt and thought I would throw in on this one.

    Here is the link if you want more description: SCBWI Narrative Art Award

    Anyway, the prompt is "Silver Lining" and I have chosen to do 3 pictures depicting the seeding of a Jack Pine. Jack Pine trees need a forest fire to open their pinecones to grow saplings (the fire provides other good conditions for them as well.)

    My first image will be of the pinecone just hanging and not doing much while time passes (and squirrels play.) This will be surrounded by smaller images of the pinecone through the seasons. Then I will have a "Fire" picture and the last will be a sapling growing and finally, a squirrel returning.

    I am using a combination of cut paper and printmaking (linocut) to get the end result.

    Here is my first test page:

    Photo Oct 02, 11 40 38 AM copy.jpg

    There will be some more linocut lines going on the pinecone and leaves, but this gives the basic idea. For each of the other seasons, I will be doing a smaller rendition to show time passing but it will look similar.

    I would love to get feedback especially on the following things:

    • General Concept (does it fit the prompt well, do you get it?)
    • Layout and Design (the layout of the tree will be repeated in each image so I want it to be understood.)
    • Anything else you can come up with.


  • @theprairiefox I think you nailed the concept! Rebirth of a forest habitat after a fire - a true silver lining.

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