Procreate cropping layers?

  • Hi everyone,
    I've been working on my Inktober stuff on procreate and for some reason I'll be working on a layer and when I switch back to a different layer I find that it's been cropped, sometimes a lot. I've not had this issue before and I'm not aware that it coincides with me cropping the actual layer I'm working on. Has anyone else had this issue??
    Thanks for any help!

  • @Rachel-Horne I was using Procreate (5X version on iPad Pro 2020) most of today and didn’t have that issue at all. It must be very annoying 😓
    Did you check to see if it has been reported on the Procreate Help and Support site? I’m not sure what version you’re working with but I can’t see any crop related problem mentioned in my brief scan of the top concerns.

  • @Lovsey Thanks for your answer 🙂 Yes, it is - super annoying! I had a look on the support page and couldn't find anything. I realised it had been a while since I did an update so I'm doing that now, hopefully this might help. I'll let you know.

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